Portraits {Grace}

By joselle - February 10, 2021

 “I think... if it is true that

there are as many minds as there

are heads, then there are as many

kinds of love as there are hearts.”

― Leo Tolstoy,

Anna Karenina

The PortraitsforPaws Mini Sessions has connected me to so many people, many of whom love animals and are more than willing to do what they can to help the rescued strays of this big city. Among them is Grace who I met one cold day in January. I had wanted to wrap up the fall sessions but this was the only day that was free for both of us, so I resigned myself to doing a Fall session in the middle of CQ's brutal winter (hence the puffy jackets).  

No regrets thought, Grace is a joy to know and even lovelier to shoot. 

We were lucky enough to use a floral shop/cafe as our playground for the afternoon which was a dream that finally came true. The venue came with all sorts of 'props' since they were still setting up the shop so stuff that was lying around were free for us to use, from cutlery to flowers in glass bottles to Kinfolk magazines! Needless to say, my heart was full.

A few shots from that afternoon. 

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