Family {Walkies with Arya, N & G}

By joselle - November 27, 2020

“Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot little puppies.”

― Gene Hill

Started doing sessions for donations to the local dog shelter a couple of weeks back, and N and G reached out because they wanted portraits done and they loved that the sessions were for a cause. I was excited to see them too, because  they're Arya's humans. Arya came to our apartment last year for the hubby's and mine's birthday, and we got to see how much of a darling she was. 

She also drove Tomas crazy with her puppy energy, which was hilarious to watch. 

Arya is also a rescue! 

We met at the mall near their home. Apparently, this is one of Arya's fave places for walkies. We got clicking before the mall opened, which meant that we got most of the space to ourselves. Had no problem getting them comfortable because these two have photography backgrounds themselves (N is  a photographer herself, and G worked as a photographer in a  cruise ship before coming to China). Having to run after Arya and seeing her derpy outtakes were also enough to get us in the mood for some really nice shots without us even knowing it.

A few shots from that sunny morning, which is a precious thing to behold when you live in this foggy city. 

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