Travel {Zen in a Teacup at the Zhulusanshe Tea House}

By joselle - May 09, 2020

Peace can become a lens through which you see the world. 
Be it. 
Live it. 
Radiate it out. 
Peace is an inside job. 
—Wayne Dyer

This post has been a long time coming. My friend N is a licensed tour guide and he was trying out experience tours around Chongqing for Air BnB. One of the stops is this lovely tea house above a commercial building in Shapingba. He introduced me to the owners and what followed was an afternoon drinking tea in between nibbles of traditional Chinese dessert as they talked about their tea shop, the kinds of tea they have, and how to savor the different flavors of tea.

Of course, I came with loads of questions and they graciously answered every one of them. I found out that they have a healthy foreign clientele because it seems like a lot of foreigners have taken to tea drinking while living in China. Also, they source some of their furniture from a local flea market here in Chonginq that I still have to visit someday.

What's so inspiring is that this place is a labor of love. The owners transformed this rooftop into a Zen oasis in the middle of the city, with private rooms and even conference rooms, as well as an open courtyard with a fountain and a fishpond.

And the interiors were a feast for my eyes. Mr. White is an architect and he designed the place himself. The care and thought he put in making sure there was symmetry and artful use of negative space, as well as the use of old, repurposed doors and tables that added texture just blew my mind. They also have a collection of teaware, from porcelain teacups to pots set in a gallery that would look right at home in a proper museum. My eyes had a field day just taking everything in.

We came to this teahouse way back in January, before the lockdown and everything that happened because of it. I was glad to see that they have reopened their doors to those who are looking for some peace, quiet, and excellent tea.

A few photos from that day.

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  1. Tea...I would love to try the diff flavors of tea..:)


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