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By joselle - December 10, 2019

“It's a silly argument, and unnecessary. Creativity doesn't happen "in here" or "out there" but in the spaces in between. Creativity is a relationship, one that unfolds at the intersection of person and place.”
― Eric Weiner
 The Geography of Genius

Dropped by this small jewel of a place inside a public flower market last weekend. The lower floor is a succulent store manned by a stern-looking grandma who turned to be very persuasive at selling me a pot of succulents.

A wooden flight of stairs leads to the door of the cafe. We meet the owners and chatted for a bit (cafe owners are always so friendly!). They're a two-man team: she's an illustrator and he's a photographer who also makes a mean cup of coffee. The space is actually a workshop where they hold classes and they just added the coffee bar as a way to get more people in. The coffee menu is covered with her illustrations while the postcards and other photo-knicknacks are his works.

It's not a big cafe but with one wall in floor-to-ceiling glass windows, the light makes up for the tiny space. I also love how you can peer over their little landing and see grandma's collection of succulents and cute pots below.

It's always so nice to see places like these and confirm for myself that they're the creations of interesting and passionate people.

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