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By joselle - April 13, 2019

“Coffee is a kind of magic you can drink.” 
― Catherynne M. Valente
The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland and Led the Revels There

A couple of weeks ago, I met up with M in Nanping. She was doing an interview with the owner of KC Coffee for the feature of You&Coffee, a specialty coffee supplier that she runs with her boyfriend. She had asked me to take a few photos to go with the feature and naturally, I jumped at the chance. 

I have always wanted to see how specialty coffee was brewed and served. I knew that there was a certain level of skill and precision that came with it that translates so gracefully in pictures, and this was the perfect opportunity to capture these images myself. 

KC Coffee is a specialty coffee shop that sits across Wanda Plaza Starbucks in Nanping. Unlike Starbucks, KC Coffee has a minimalist-Oriental interior accented by interesting coffee-making thingamajigs, books, and succulents by the windows. The interior is spacious, the colors earthy, with only the upholstery on the chairs in royal blue serving as the burst of vibrant color. 

The unique scent of brewing coffee greets you as soon as you walk up the stairs from the first-floor foyer up to the landing which is large enough that it doubles as the coffee bar. This is where the magic happens, as they say. And indeed, magic, with high quality, single-origin beans, does happen here.

The cafe offers different beans sourced from different places, from Australia to Russia. Most of them are difficult to get in Chongqing so having a cafe where you can get all these when you get a craving for a cup of Brazilian light roast is definitely a good thing to know. The couple who owns and runs it learned the trade of brewing coffee five years ago before deciding to open the cafe a few years later. Today, the cafe is still standing strong despite the competition. They don't advertise, so I think they thrive on the business of real coffee lovers who prefer specialty coffee over the kind we consume on a daily basis. 

The city's coffee scene is definitely changing. M herself commented that this was not how the coffee scene looked like a few years ago. Today, more and more people are discovering specialty, single origin brews, usually as they travel abroad or to cities like Shanghai, cities that already have established coffee cultures themselves. They bring these discoveries to CQ in the form of cafes that are unique, manned by the owner/barista himself/herself, and offering experiences vastly different from the cookie-cutter menus of places like Starbucks and Costa. 

They served a couple of brews, the flavors of which flew right past my head. A coffee connoisseur I definitely am not, so I couldn't make out what I was tasting except that it was a bit on the fruity and acidic side. I prefer my coffee with low acidity, loaded with chocolaty flavors, the kind that IKEA sells, haha! However, drinking coffee in flavors that I have not tasted before was definitely a pleasant experience, especially in the company of people who know so much about it. Who knew that there's so much to learn and taste when it comes to coffee? 

KC Coffee
Location: Wanda Plaza, Nanping

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