Portraits {N's Baby Bump}

By joselle - April 02, 2019

You are the fire
That has given light
To the flame in each of my eyes.
You are the fountain
That nourished my growth,
And from your chalice –
Gave me life.

Suzy Kassem
 Mother is Water

Pleasantly surprised to see N, who I met in my first year in the city, all glowing and radiant with her baby bump a couple of weeks ago. I didn't realize how closely we lived near each other until I made my way to her apartment last week to take a few maternity shots of her. We have been neighbors for almost three years and didn't even know it! 

We spent the afternoon catching up. N is a local but her English is really good so communication was easy.  She's due in a couple of months so I'm on pins and needles excited to see what see her baby will look like. 

A few shots from that afternoon. 

And doesn't she look a little bit like Mandy Moore? :)

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