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By joselle - March 04, 2019

“Happiness quite unshared can scarcely be called happiness; 
it has no taste.” 

― Charlotte Bronte

Having the freedom to work anywhere has created in me this preference for spaces that promote quiet concentration because these are the places that allow you to hunker down and really work. I came across an article the other day about a study that says cluttered and messy spaces cause anxiety in some people and I totally related to the study because I think that it's so true! 

I can't get any semblance of any real work done until there's some kind of order in my immediate space. Some people can work in cluttered spaces which they might lovingly call their little corners of organized chaos.

I can't.  

This is the reason why I love to walk into spaces where things are in their right place, where the design and knick-knacks on shelves are useful but pleasing to the eye at the same time, and where there is a symmetry and thoughtfulness to how the furniture is arranged and where the windows face and all that. 

I love great spaces and I appreciate cafes that showcase these spaces as one of the many beautiful reasons why you should sit for a while and enjoy the moment. 

The husband found this cafe off the popular app DianPing which shows you where restaurants and shops and cafes are located. The great thing is that it was just about 5 bus stops down the street from our apartment. 

It's a few steps from the train station and right next to the highway, but when you go in, you are immediately ensconced in this peaceful, tranquil cocoon of soft music, roasting coffee, high, airy ceilings and big windows that overlook a small park below. It's all very pretty, in short. 

I persuaded JP to go back with Tomas last weekend (because the alfresco area is dog-friendly, yay!) and we were lucky enough to be the first ones there and have the place to ourselves. I was able to take photos, Tomas got pets from the friendly cafe people, and we got to enjoy the calm before the lunch crowd came walking in. 

The cafe's name is Stop for a While and although the menu leans heavily towards snacks, desserts and coffee, they have a few lunch options that aren't too bad for a cafe. I love their hot chocolate with marshmallows though. I have not tried any of their coffee, which I think could be good because they also sell it. 

A few shots of this lovely, lovely cafe. 

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