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By joselle - March 23, 2019

“In character, in manner, in style, in all the things, 
the supreme excellence is simplicity” 

― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
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Lisa Yougashi is a new cafe in the new arts district near our place. Decked in an interior of white, blue and gold, the cafe has an understated posh, rich-lady kind of feel to it. It vaguely reminded me of Natasha, the character played by Bridget Moynahan in Sex & the City.  

The prices reflect that impression, too. Like most cafes here, coffee can range from RMB 28 to RMB 42 which is a bit expensive for a cup. I can say this because you can easily find pretty good coffee (according to the husband) in local bakeries like Qin Yuan, a local bakery that is virtually in every street corner in CQ. In places like these, you can get decent coffee for about RMB 10, or PHP 70. 

But enough of that. What makes most cafes unique is the interior, anyway and so when our friend Rigs messaged me that he has parked himself by the windows of this pretty cafe, I couldn't wait to see what it looked like. The interiors didn't disappoint. The cafe is new, glossy, and the desserts by the counter looked like pieces of edible art. 

I ordered milk tea, which I found to be too watery and more milk than tea, to my disappointment. Maybe I could have had more luck if I ordered coffee, I really don't know. Some cafes can really be cases of hits or misses, and this one, unfortunately for my milk tea, was a miss. 

Still curious about the quality of their other offerings, though, so a second visit is not impossible. I do find the interior a bit high-end for me. I prefer laid-back, rustic spaces and LY is the opposite of that. However, I give the cafe credit for having such a nice location. It sits right beside the street so you can easily see it passing by. The resident dogge is also an added plus. :)

Opening Hours: 10:30 
Location: Opposite the open-air parking lot of No. 8 Jinshan Yiku, No. 1 HSBC Road/ 850m from Line 3

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