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By joselle - February 10, 2019

“Why are things beautiful? I don´t know. That´s a good question. Isn´t it pleasing when you ask a question of a person, a teacher, or a speaker, and he or she says, That´s a good question? Don´t you feel good when that happens?” 
― Nicholson Baker
A Box of Matches

I joined my first ever calligraphy workshop at the start of 2019! K, a photographer friend from Dumaguete has been holding calligraphy workshops in town and I was never around to join them, until last month! I was scheduled to fly off to Manila the day after for law-related stuff, but that didn't stop me from signing up for the workshop and finally getting some sort of expert-assisted training with calligraphy. 

It was just the basics but it was fun and it made me realize how important practice and technique are in creating consistent brushstrokes that look pleasing to the eye. I usually wing it with my calligraphy (if one can ever call it that), and following any form of technique has never been my thing so it was a great learning experience. 

The workshop was also for a good cause (proceeds were donated to help the family of a local photographer), so I was more than happy to sit in on this and learn. 

A few shots from that afternoon.

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