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By joselle - December 08, 2018

“Beautiful hours move so quickly.” 
― Irene Hunt
Up a Road Slowly

We are three. Here in this huge city of skyscrapers and ribbon roads, hotpot restaurants and river views, we have made our little cocoon and can call ourselves happy. I realized that it's been a year since we got Tomas, and he was so small and so furry then, more fur than muscle or bone, and timid and shy. Now he has grown into his own, his personality big and loud, playfulness, loyalty, love all rolled into one. 

Being three has given a new dimension to life here, and it's true what they say, you eventually get bored being a couple, and so many take the next step. For us, that is a furry, short-legged pupper named Tomas. 

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  1. I really love the light in your home. Lovely photos as always.

    1. Thanks Kat! yeah, I appreciate the apartment-owner's good taste in opting for white walls and big windows:D


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