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By joselle - October 12, 2018

“Hands could be such expressive things.” 
― Michael J. Sullivan,
Age of Myth

There's so much that I wanted to go right with the ceremony that we had last August. And although we were so happy with how everything turned out, I'd be lying if I said that I wouldn't change a thing. Because I would have changed SOOOOO many things, including having my Lolo there. But that's DIY weddings for you. The beauty sometimes lies in the imperfections, knowing that it's the people gathered who matter and being thankful for everything else that fit so perfectly according to the script that's in your head. 

What I wouldn't change for anything in the world is our decision to make the giveaways ourselves. We wanted something natural and small enough for people to nibble on as they make their way home. 

So we picked nuts!

Baking them was a milestone, too, since it was the first time that we used the home oven. Getting the thing to work required more than a few glances at the manual, but pretty soon our tiny house was awash in the comforting smells of baking almonds, walnuts, and peanuts. That's one memory of the days leading to August 18 that will remain with me, because it was just the two of us doing the scooping and filling and it was exactly how I'd imagined us doing it. The decision also made me discover how nuts make the perfect substitute for Pringles for those nights when I get bored and hungry.  

This may not be that groundbreaking, couples' decision to be hands-on with certain aspects of their wedding. And I'm sure other couples have done far better jobs than we did with ours. But I'm glad we did, because the memories of choosing and making and stressing over things made the 18th so much more memorable.  

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