Personal {Wet Sundays}

By joselle - September 15, 2018

“Have a happy wet Sunday.
Rainbows love the rain.” 

― Anthony T. Hincks

Seasons are changing, and after the intense waves of summer heat, we're having more rain as summer rolls into autumn. This Sunday is particularly gloomy, although that's what CQ weather usually is for most of the year. The anticipation for sunnier days is not helping my homesickness, though. Sundays usually make missing family and the dogs Nemo, Pip, and Kimchi so much harder. 

It's a rainy Sunday, and news of the storm pummeling some cities here after it wreaked havoc in the PH is all over Wechat. Wet Sundays do not make a happy camper out of me at all. But no complaints.

We bought Tomas his own pair of glasses from Daiso, just because it was cute and a pooch needs to look like he reads books from time to time. And we are home safe and dry. A lot of people are living through strong winds and rain right now and that can't be easy. Praying that all the people and animals caught in the storm will stay safe and get the help they need if they're not.

Hopefully, the rainbows will start peeking through the clouds soon. 

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