Personal {August 18}

By joselle - September 03, 2018

The thunder and the rain
The way you say my name
After all the clouds go by
The simple things remain
The sun, the moon, the stars
The beating of two hearts
How I love the simple things
The simple things just are. 

Simple Things,
Jim Brickman 

I put off writing this post because for some reason, I hesitate putting very personal highs and lows online in great detail. I like to keep the most personal moments close to my heart and writing about them and sending them off to the great big virtual world seems like the opposite of that. 

I think the only thing I remember vividly is the ride to my hometown on the day of the ceremony. Rain was pouring, like a big bucket was being emptied out from the sky. I sat in the car, thinking of a plan B. "I think four tables can fit in the garage," I tell JP in my calmest, I'm-not-freaking-out-voice. Holding the ceremony in my parent's house would be the likeliest Plan B we'd have, because at the rate the rain was going, the venue was going to a soaked, muddy, mess. Jeff, our friend and photographer, chimed in from the back that no, no, no, it won't rain. 

It was all a blur after we got there. JP and I helped set up the place. My aunt who provided the catering was already there with the flowers and they were starting to set the tables. My father was in the thick of it, asking me what we needed and where to put the tables and dashing to and from the venue to get things done. Almost everyone in my family was helping out. My mom was at home, receiving guests as they arrived. 

Everything that usually happens in weddings happened, including me trying not to freak out again because the clouds threatened rain the entire time we were setting up. Our Pastor reminded me that everyone was praying for the right weather, and that I should breathe. (LOL!) In between the flurry of preparations I thought about my Lolo, and how he would have loved to be in the thick of all that's happening and how he'd do his silly dance and make me feel silly for stressing out. 

After the ceremony was over and as the night was dying down, I was looking at the candles and strung lights as they glittered in the dusk and thought, "OK, this is as beautiful as I thought it would be." JP and I were surrounded by family, old and new friends were coming together, and even family from far away came to share the moment with us. And I realized that not a single drop of rain fell that night. 

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