Personal {Tomas and the Reason for Dogs}

By joselle - June 25, 2018

“There is a thing about the trust of a dog that makes up for a lot of heartache we take in this life.” 
― Don DeLillo

Living where we live, far from home, there is a certain impermanence to things that tells you to never be too comfortable or even try to put down roots because you could be going the next time you wake up. Happily, that uncertainty didn't stop us from getting a dog, haha! And I'm glad we did, because for someone who has grown up with dogs, a house is never truly a sanctuary unless a dog lives there. And ever since we got Tomas into this 3-bedroom renter, he's practically transformed the way we live. Nights were spent looking forward to a movie on the couch, with the latest takeout on the table (we try to eat healthy but we mostly fail at it). Days were spent for work, or for exploring the nooks and crannies of CQ.

These days, it's morning (or afternoon) walks, meeting fellow doggos in the park downstairs, or playing hide and seek to get the furry creature sleepy enough for bed. And because I work from home, having him around means there's no excuse not to get up and out and enjoy daylight before it's gone again. 

I often wonder why people choose to live without dogs. Is it because they do not know how great it is to have someone always happy to see you when you get home from work? Or because they do not know the simple pleasure of watching a dog become so excited at seeing and smelling virtually anything that it comes across while on a short walk?

Dogs remind me that the little things hold the most wonder, that a cool floor in the summer is heaven, that water tastes best after a game of fetch, and that everybody can use a good walk outdoors once a day. 

For someone who is learning to prioritize what's important and what's not, that is a valuable gift. 

I bet he is teaching the husband lots of things too. They have grown really close (they sleep together now) and they share a common love for ripe mangoes.

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