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By joselle - June 03, 2018

“A little coffee. A little sunlight. Your troubles will get smaller.” 
― Richard Webbera

I've always  been a tea drinker but as I got older I realized that coffee makes sense especially  if you need a good boost to start the mornings. Apart from that, I know so little about coffee, which is probably because I visit coffee shops purely for the interiors. I couldn't, for the life of me, tell the difference between a cappuccino and a latte, apart from the fact that both taste good with lots of cream and sugar. It's just my luck that more often than not, these cups are served in cafes with gorgeous  interiors and lots of character.  

Case in point, Coffeeholic in Testbed II, Nanping. I love Nordic-inspired interiors, with their white walls, clean lines and minimalist designs, so when I saw all the white and the succulents, I fell in love. They have a pretty limited menu when it comes to food, but according to the husband, the coffee is really good so that's one reason to go back.

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  1. Well this interior screams "Joselle." It's so you, I would say because of all that white and neutrals. I love these types of interiors too! And I adore their menu board. Perfect simplicity and uniqueness!

  2. My love for this kind of design is that obvious Kat haha! It would be nice if something like this opened in Dgte so that we can hang out, no? See you soon Kat!:D

  3. Of course! But I can just imagine the view outside as seen from the big windows. It just won't be the same, but close enought :) Looking forward.

    I changed my blog name, just in case you want to drop by.


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