Portraits {Coffee with Helena}

By joselle - May 20, 2018

“As long as there was coffee in the world,
how bad could things be?” 
― Cassandra Clare,
City of Ashes

Coffeeshop catch-ups are fast becoming one of my favorite weekend To-Dos. So when my friend Helena messaged to get together for some coffee and a quick portrait session, meeting up in a coffee shop was first on our list. It didn't hurt that we both lived near a Zoo Coffee (this one in Caifu Zhongxin), perhaps one of  the biggest Zoo Coffees in this city, so it was a meetup that I pretty much looked forward to the entire week. 

Meeting new people who turn out to be great friends, the type who you can easily slide into deep, meaningful conversations with, is one of the great adventures when living so far from home. Kindred spirits come in all shapes and sizes and nationalities. For one, we both like to go hang out at coffee shops while ordering the least caffeinated item on the menu! I can't pass up good interiors, even if it means having to order a cup of mocha or hot chocolate every time I see a coffee shop that's fitted out nicely. We were lucky enough since Zoo Coffee serves full meals on top of coffee, has big, wooden tables and plush, comfy chairs that are big enough to sleep in. So between bites, we caught up, snapped a few frames, and made the most out of the Sunday. 

It's amazing to think that somewhere out there are future friends who we are bound to meet, swap life stories with, and share significant portions of our  lives with-- it's a beautiful thing.  

A few shots from that  afternoon. 
Portraits, Portraits, Portraits, Portraits,Portraits, Portraits,Portraits, Portraits,Portraits, Portraits

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  1. Great set! Love it!

    Did you use the 50 1.4 here? Bokeh looks really good.

    - Kat

  2. Thanks Kat :D Yes, the 1.4 really does good bokeh :)


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