Family {Sophie is 2}

By joselle - December 20, 2017

“A Wasn’t just isn't. He just isn't present.
But you…
And, now isn't that pleasant!
  -- Dr. Seuss
Happy Birthday to You!

Spent a wintry Friday afternoon with this darling little girl and mommy at one of the Zoo Coffees in the city. Zoo Coffee has this theme going on, with horses and life-size giraffes as cafe decor, indoors and out. It's something to look at, really. They also serve pretty good comfort food and the usual waffles and coffee. When I arrived, there was a film crew taping on the top floor, but they were wrapping up so Sophie, Mommy and I were the first ones to get to our spots as soon as the crew left. 

I first met Sophie when she was just half a year old, and now she's two and I can barely keep up with her.  Mommy wanted photos to mark the start of the year  for Sophie so when she messaged me about doing it at Zoo Coffee, I was all for it. Sophie is so easy on the camera and her smile is just infectious.  And that energy! I'd give an arm and a foot for an ounce of the energy she has.  

Photographing her and mom brought back all sorts of feels for me too. Shooting moms and littles is so much fun, especially when I scan through my camera and see all the adorableness in each snap. And because mom is a good friend of mine (she makes the best cakes in CQ, hands down) it felt natural, like I was just meeting a friend (and a half!) for afternoon coffee (or hot coco for me!).

Looking forward to more of moments like these all over this beautiful city.
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