Couples {R & J}

By joselle - October 29, 2017

“That I shall love always, 
I argue thee
that love is life,
and life hath immortality” 
― Emily Dickinson
Couples, Couples, Couples, Couples, Couples, Couples, Couples, Couples, Couples

Shot this session of our neighbors R and J back in May. They're both expat teachers and R teaches in the same school as the husband, so it was only a matter of time that we got to meet. They've been  in Chongqing for a few months before they got engaged, so they asked me to take a couple's portrait of them (with the ring, of course!) so they can send some photos to family back in the US.It's a good thing that spring had just arrived. We were getting beautiful, sunny days and there was a common area in our community that looked like it was created just for us to shoot in. I also loved how easy-going this couple is, and how low-key they wanted the shoot to be. Low-key is my kind of shoot and it was so great to meet a couple who also preferred that and just wanted to have fun with it. And have fun we did! My camera loved them, I don't think  I need to write anything more than that. A few shots from that lovely May day.

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