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By joselle - April 01, 2017

From my observation, the older you get, the more you like the word cozy. 
Holly Goldberg Sloan
Counting by 7s

There's this restaurant at the Korean business center that has the coziest spaces, complete with large tables, comfy sofas and private booths that are large enough to sleep in. I think it sits between a Korean BBQ and a Chinese hotpot restaurant, but the decor, both inside and out, screams English cafe. I've never done any sleeping the two times I was there, but I can definitely say if I had to choose a place where you can order shepherd's pie and sleep if you feel like it, this would be my choice.

This is also a great place for some girl talk.  Sometimes girls just need a cozy nook to chat and giggle and be serious all at the same time. Took a few snaps of the details while I was there for a quick afternoon drink with T, a good friend who's been teaching in CQ for years.

Too few photos, too short a time to spend there, the good thing is that it's only two bus stops from where we live.

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