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By joselle - March 27, 2017

We discovered Bakery 5 last year, and were pleasantly surprised to know that they've expanded to open a couple more branches all over the city. Last week, we dropped by their Nanbin branch because we were starving after getting stuck in the middle of the Chongqing International Marathon bus rerouting, and it was the only chain that we had tried  before. I try to avoid eating at new restaurants if am starving.  If the food isn't that good I usually end up hungrier than  when I came in.

Baker 5 has a great view of Nanbinlu, the river and the cityscape acrosss the river. This part of town is also not too crowded, unlike Jifangbei or Guanyinqiao, and there are lots of art studios and galleries inside the mall.  Hop a bus and two stops later, you arrive at Madame  Tussauds, too! No wonder a lot of families like to spend the weekend here.

Bakery 5 serves great comfort food, like salads, pasta and breads and  sausages all set in a single plate. They also have a great selection of fruit teas. Pair all these with a great view and you get a pretty enjoyable weekend by the river.

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  1. Hello, Jo!

    Such a pretty place. Ganda ng mga kuha mo. Unsa imong gamit nga camera or lens ani, Jo?


  2. Thank you, Sheen! I use either a Canon6d or my phone, for this one I used my 6d and a 35mm 2.0 lens.


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