Family {Afternoon with the S Family}

By joselle - July 29, 2016

A few months in a new place bore a lot of new and wonderful friendships that I am still so happy and excited about. One of those is with S and S, a wonderful couple with a tornado of a little boy and the most adorable baby girl. This quick photo op almost didn't happen, although we had planned on taking them a few months back. Family commitments, vacations and my impending trip back home were making me think that maybe, this wasn't just in the stars. But then, I had to make the rounds visiting friends before going back to the islands, and so we finally managed to squeeze in a short shoot one hot CQ day.  

And I'm so glad we did because I came home with my camera loaded with fun snaps that overflowed with smiles and seemingly boundless energy.  After almost a year of not picking up my camera for anyone else but me and JP, using it to capture this lovely family's afternoon reminded me how precious these ordinary moments are, especially since these kids are growing like crazy!!! 

A few snaps from that afternoon.

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