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By joselle - May 06, 2016

“You've got this life and while you've got it, you'd better kiss like you only have one moment, try to hold someone's hand like you will never get another chance to, look into people's eyes like they're the last you'll ever see, watch someone sleeping like there's no time left, jump if you feel like jumping, run if you feel like running, play music in your head when there is none, and eat cake like it's the only one left in the world!” 
― C. JoyBell C.

So while shopping at one of the grocery stores last week, friends decided to buy a box of cake mix which we put to the ultimate taste test yesterday. This was actually the first time where I was in the immediate vicinity of baking supplies and equipment and I did more than just eat and go "This is ammmaaazzzing! More please!!!"

I got to hold the mixer until "Chef" R pushed me aside while saying that I was doing it too slowly for his taste, and I also got the pull the thing out of the oven when it was done. Since I'm no baker, I consider these as definite accomplishments on the road to total domesticity.

Thanks to my friends for forcing me to participate! All went well, even after a few minutes of arguing between M and R about how ugly it looked with the wrong frosting (the frosting packet that came with mix was conveniently misplaced during the entire frosting debacle, and turned up when it was no longer needed. Evil, evil frosting packet!) Thankfully, the cake turned out great and tasty and thanks to C, we all now know what a Bundt is. Great way to spend the afternoon, to say the least

(And Fei Fan got a haircut, because that's how dogs roll in the summer.) 

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