Personal {Strawberry Picking}

By joselle - March 20, 2016

“You are brighter than the sunlight and bolder than a rainbow. 
You are the reason spring was created in the first place.” 
― Toni Sorenson

Spring comes with the flurry of flowers opening their delicate petals towards the light, and the sun's ray's shine just a little bit warmer. It's also a great time to go out and enjoy the outdoors. This city is full of activities to do outdoors and for this day, it's strawberry picking!

Granted, the drive was long, since the strawberry farm is located on top of a mountain park, but it was so worth it. The park is huge and marvelous, with trees of different colors lining the winding asphalt roads. The air is also cleaner, more fresh and a different, natural kind of cool. Getting to the farm is an adventure in itself. Located in a valley, there are rows and rows of white greenhouses where the berries spend their time ripening, just ready to be picked and eaten.

So glad to be able to tag along with a friend who's was gracious enough to have us. Running after her little one as he enjoyed peeking inside each greenhouse before bravely stepping inside and crouching beside the first red and plump berry he could find was surprisingly very fun! Places like these make me wonder at all the goodness the earth provides and the creativity of the Artist for giving us these natural pleasures as the seasons change. 

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