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By joselle - February 10, 2016

“When the reality looks extraordinarily unreal, you must know that you are in an extraordinarily beautiful place!”
 ― Mehmet Murat ildan

JP and I spent the last day of the Chinese Lunar Year discovering Bailin Park, which has a cherry blossom street (can't wait for spring!!!) and a Rome-inspired area complete with a domed gazebo, an amphitheater surrounded by tall columns and those large planters that remind  me so much of the movies set in Tuscany that I love to watch during rainy days. This section of the park was called Roma and just by looking at  the planters you would know what the inspiration behind it is. This fascination with Italy is really something! I'm loving it, though, and I couldn't get enough pictures. it was also a sunny day , which seemed like a good omen for weather to come. Coming from the cold of winter, it was encouraging seeing the trees start to bloom. The cherry blossom trees were turning pink and the jasmine trees were smelling sweeter than ever. I was reminded of how there's still a lot of loveliness that one can discover in the world, and how a short bus ride can sometimes be all it takes to turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary one.

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  1. Thanks kat! Sorry I think I accidentally deleted your comment, im using my phone man gud and my fingers are too big for these blogger buttons! But yes, this park is really nice, excited ko to see the cherry blossom street in its glory come spring :D


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