Personal {Pork Chops and Fei Fan}

By joselle - February 11, 2016

Living in a foreign country, the husband and I are always grateful for the company of fellow Pinoys who make life a little bit less lonely and a bit more interesting and fun. So it was a delight to have lunch with T who was house-sitting for friends who were making their way through Southeast Asia for a bit of Spring Festival R&R. We got to enjoy a yummy spread of porkchops, vegetables, sinigang and chocolate-dipped strawberries, so yummy that I munched my way through the entire plate of pork chops and brought home the rest of the dessert, haha (Thanks, T!)

It was extra exciting for me, because I got to meet Fei Fan, a cute and adorable mutt who is now living the good life because she was found and rescued just in time! Not only does she get to have sweet treats handed to her, she also gets to enjoy walking around the complex in the afternoons, where she can sniff, pee and romp playfully to her heart's content. Seeing this bundle of fur do her tricks and play with her toys reminded me so much of our family pets back home. Although my family keeps sending photos and updates, nothing beats being able to hug a warm, drooling, and cuddly canine. I'm getting teary-eyed just remembering how Nemo, Pip, Kuya Bammy or Kuya Choi would stare at me while I was typing away at my computer, or mindlessly changing channels on the TV, but I'm sure all dog lovers can relate!

All in all, it was a nice change of pace, especially since I've been dog-deprived for so long, I think Fei Fan was starting to get seriously weirded out by all the poking and stroking that I was doing to her. Looking forward to seeing this  adorable little furball again, hopefully this time with Mommy and Daddy when they're back from vacation!

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