Personal {Lemon Ginger Tea}

By joselle - January 24, 2016

“Maybe it’s not about having a beautiful day, but about finding beautiful moments.
Anna White 

I've been feeling all kinds of bloated and cold ever since I arrived in CQ. I'm a tropics girl, so cold weather has never been my thing. My husband is always surprised at how cold my hands are even if I spend all my time indoors. It's a good thing I found this really nifty twist to my usual teabag routine that involves adding ginger and lemon after reading Christina Greve's awesome Lemon and Ginger Shots post.  A lot of people drink honey and lemon with their tea but I wasn't a fan, probably because lemons are so expensive back  home! They are cheaper here though, so I buy lemons almost every week now. This lemon and ginger concoction is so easy to whip up and I store it in this resealable jar to keep it fresh for longer. I didn't follow any set recipe for this batch, I just piled on ingredient after ingredient into the jar, poured boiling water in, and it smelled heavenly. For a more detailed recipe, look here. 

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