Personal {Jinshan Park After Christmas}

By joselle - January 08, 2016

“There are no wrong turnings. Only paths we had not known we were meant to walk.” 
Guy Gavriel Kay

I would like to think that the husband and I made a great start of the year health-wise by taking a long walk through Jinshan Park a few days after Christmas. This is a large park on a hill just 5 minutes from where we live and I just learned that it is fairly new (it opened in 2014, and I thought that it had been there for way longer). It has winding pathways, lots of flowers, mini-forests and picnic grounds that overlook this side of the city. It was also a lot of fun, rounding each bend and discovering one beautiful spot after another. The park's winding, flower-laced pathways reminded me of the quote above. There is no wrong turn, indeed, especially if you are loving every step. :D

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  1. I looove this set! The colors are lovely and the bokeh, just makes your subjects pop.

    Everytime I visit your blog and see new photos, I keep thinking if I should've gotten a 6D. I miss taking sweet random photos like these so terribly!

  2. Canon's colors are really nice, agree! Pero the shots you takw with your nikon are also spectacular Kat, ikaw pa!:D :D :D


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