Portraits {Ann}

By joselle - November 20, 2015

“Do you see that out there? 
The strange, unfamiliar light?
 It's called the sun. 
Let's go get us a little.”
― Nora Roberts,
 The Hollow

There are days where I am just amazed at the beauty of light and how it falls perfectly through leaves, and this was one of them. This place is one of my favorites because you step in and everywhere you go, you are shaded by a canopy that lets in the most gorgeous light, no matter what time it is. This day was spent for exploration and just soaking in soft, morning light while surrounded by tall trees and winding pathways.

I got to enjoy the pretty little things again, with great conversation thrown in. Our location scouting turned out to be the mini-portrait session that we had talked about a year before, but this one was totally unplanned. Still, it turned out great. Conversations with Ann just flow, whether we're in a cafe or walking through a mini-forest and stopping to marvel at yellow berries. We even reached a point when we both realized that a three-hour coffee chat is often far from enough, since we usually last well into the night, even if we met up for lunch! It's probably because she's one of those people who is tuned in to the same wavelength as I am, and we prefer quiet talks over loud, group conversations. But the laughters are always easy to hear! It's always a wonderful time when you can take pictures and laugh with such heart. Plus the light! The light was beautiful that day, soft, glowing and fresh. 

If you want to go to a place where it's quiet, beautiful and peaceful, you might want to visit Father Tropa's Zoo. It's one of my favorite places because the light is just so beautiful, even when the sun is shining its hardest! The place stays cool, you can hear the sound of birds and the rustling of the leaves, and if you're lucky, you get to see leaves turn yellow, brown and even red. Plus, the animals there could really use your donations. :) 

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  1. Hello Jo! Ang ganda ng mga kuha mo. :)

  2. So nice and sharp selle. What a lovely lovely day! Take me here pod nya :)

  3. We took this at Father Tropa's Zoo Kat. It's such a lovely place, words can't describe. I don't know if others feel the same way, but I have nothing but love for that place, apart from the fact that it's sad to see animals in cages :( Nindot ang mga pathways, the way sunlight peeks through the trees. Probably it's because of the kinds of trees they have there pod. Adto ta didto sometime and let's bring our cameras!

  4. Defnitely with our cameras! I hope soon but I guess since you are leaving then maybe when you get back. Your description sounds great. Was this where the albino carabao was?

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Yes, def when I get back. And yep, this is the place where we spotted the albino carabao haha!


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