Personal {Chasing Light}

By joselle - November 12, 2015

“Do you see that out there? The strange, unfamiliar light? It's called the sun.
 Let's go get us a little.” 

― Nora Roberts
 The Hollow

I love working freelance. I think it's the only job I know, and it's not by accident. When I was younger I had this vision of myself  with a wooden house by the beach with a large, wide balcony, a dozen or so dogs, and an open living room with my office in the corner, where I had the perfect light and view of the beach. Isn't that just the life??? And although I don't live in a beach house (not yet, anyway!!!) I do love just waking up and walking to the next room and firing up the day while having my morning coffee. It beats having to dress up and show up for the boss any day!  

However, there is on

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