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By joselle - October 01, 2015

“We swung over the hills and over the town and back again, and I saw how a man can be master of a craft, and how a craft can be master of an element. I saw the alchemy of perspective reduce my world, and all my other life, to grains in a cup. I learned to watch, to put my trust in other hands than mine. And I learned to wander. I learned what every dreaming child needs to know -- that no horizon is so far that you cannot get above it or beyond it.”
― Beryl Markham, 
West with the Night

There are times when I get too comfortable in one place that I don't notice how far I am from the rest of the world. The process of preparing for big battles, taking care of relationships and changing priorities all seem like monumental tasks, and it's so easy to forget that the world is out there, beautiful and near and just waiting to be visited.  

A couple of high school friends and friends from Cebu called out of the blue and dragged me out of the house for an unexpected trip to Tierra Alta, that gorgeous place up in the clouds (a bit of an exaggeration, yes, but it's the closest you can go if you're not a mountain climber or on a plane, haha!). I was *busy* lounging in my big oversized T-shirt, relaxing with the customary tea after getting some work done when they announced that they were coming to pick me up. That was, I swear, the shortest prep time I've done in my life! No regrets, however. Tierra Alta is even more beautiful since the last time I visited, with new hotel rooms and a sky lounge. Plus, I got to meet and reconnect with old and new friends and realized how much I missed just being with people!!!  

A couple of shots taken with phone and special child Canon 50D. 

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  1. i'm there :) thank you for allowing us to kidnap you for it.

  2. LOL! why for? Why for? Great seeing you and Jeannie Jeff! Sa uulitin into it for!

  3. I have missed seeing new stuff from this blog. Keep it coming please!

  4. Hopefully naa pay more to come Kat haha! :D


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