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By joselle - March 05, 2015

Dogs are all about love. 
--Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson

This page wouldn't be enough if I wrote down all the reasons, big and small, why I love my dogs. I cannot imagine life without dogs, and to think that I was bitten by a rabid dog when I was little, which led to my parents forking over a considerable amount each month for rabies vaccines. It was a not an easy time especially for a kid but I thank God that despite that experience, I never developed a fear of dogs. The amount of love, loyalty and patience that they give you is astounding! They can teach us so much about how to live life with so much joy, appreciation for the little things like an afternoon walk or a toy, and the importance of trust in the people we love and who love us. In his piece for the New York Times, J.M. Masson said this

" "After a lifetime of affectionate regard for dogs and many years of close observation and reflection, I have reached the conclusion that dogs feel more than I do (I am not prepared to speak for other people). They feel more, and they feel more purely and more intensely. By comparison the human emotional landscape seems murky with subterfuge and ambivalence and emotional deception, intentional or not. In searching for why we are so inhibited compared with dogs, perhaps we can learn to be as direct, as honest, as straightforward, and especially as intense in our feelings as dogs are."

So true! 

Read the entire article here. :) 

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  1. I can't wait to transfer to our house so I can have one for the first time...


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