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By joselle - February 23, 2015

Kuya Bammy died on January 6, 2015. Hi death broke my heart and I, along with the rest of the family,  miss him everyday. Losing a pet is just like losing a friend or a family member. The first few days I half-expected to see him in his usual spots around the house, under the table, by the door, his favorite spot in front of the TV. There was a point when I looked up from all the crying and felt a little bit stupid, to be crying about a dog for days on end. 

But I'm sure dog lovers can relate. 

Dogs, humans, they love the same, dogs probably even greater. And so I think it is perfectly reasonable to feel that great of a loss when a dog passes. If it weren't for Nemo, the new pup, the palpable absence would have been felt more severely. There was, and still is, a gaping hole where Kuya Bammy used to be, but I am thankful that Nemo was there, with his puppy energy, to serve as a timely companion for Pepito and to shower old and slow Kuya Choi with his sloppy kisses, something that the old dog has slowly gotten used to. A few shots of the two pups after they got their baths earlier today. 

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  1. amazing how a dog's eyes are so expressive. sorry to hear about Kuya Bammy. :(

  2. Thanks Kat,yeah, that was a sad, sad day. And yes, Nemo's eyes are really something, murag nakasabot ba :D Looking forward to your workshop! please please dayuna jud! :D

  3. Lol. Di pa ko confident mag workshop! Tun-an pa jud plus need to have supplies for participants!

    PS. Nemo is a nice name for a dog!


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