Family {Rania is Baptized}

By joselle - January 27, 2015

family, family, family,family

Now I see your faith is showing
While my life within you is growing strong.
And now I hold you
In my arms of grace
And you can rest your weary heart in my embrace
For you are loved.

--Child of Mine 
family, family, family, family, family, family, family, family, family, family, family, family, family
A child is the ultimate testament to love.

I think no one knows this better than a couple who has been praying for the blessing of a child. There's no greater joy, nothing more exciting, than to be able to finally hold a child, after years of praying and months of waiting and loving a person you have never met.

When a friend of mine messaged me for her daughter's christening, I pictured the entire family huddled around that child, their eyes glued to her tiny little face, doing an epic meet-and-greet with this new addition to the family. Children are more than blessings, they bring families together like nothing else ever could. Grandmothers and grandfathers meet and bond over this tiny little stranger who is no stranger at all, aunts and uncles light up with joy when they see her for the first time.

It's no wonder babes are called miracles. 

A few snapshots from Rania's christening. 

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  1. super duper cute ang baby oi! samot na kanang ga-smile sya


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