Personal {Of Storms and Comfort-Food Kind of Mornings}

By joselle - December 04, 2014

“Sopping, and with no sign of stopping, either- then a breather. 
Warm again, storm again- what is the norm, again? 
It's fine, it's not, it's suddenly hot: Boom, crash, lightning flash!” 
The Old Farmer's Almanac

It doesn't feel like there's a storm coming. The clouds are a brilliant blue, the birds are up in the air, and the sun is doing a great job of sending a lot of morning sunshine my way. Everything's all right with the world, it seems. However, a storm is coming. I guess one of the good things to come from last year's Haiyan is that people are more prepared now--water, food, fuel, charged batteries. Preparation can make all the difference, if we learned anything from the previous storms. This is going to be a strong  storm, according to  the news but hopefully, it will pass without taking any lives with it. 

I say short prayers to keep loved ones, stray dogs, and people living in danger-prone areas safe as I stir champorado, my comfort food of choice during rainy seasons and dull afternoons. It is warm so I'm not so sure about whether downing chocolatey boiled rice with a pinch of salt is the best thing to do, but it's here, might as well enjoy it. The tsokolate is handmade goodness by the mom of a friend and law school buddy (thank you, Carlis!). For P45 pesos a pack, it's a small luxury that I store away for days like these.  It is rich and creamy-- a few minutes out of the fridge, each piece was soft enough to grate lightly with a bread knife. 

Let's all pray that this storm will pass without incident. Keep safe and dry everyone!

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  1. Padad-i ko ani sa Cebu oi. Hehehehe

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  4. JRS, LBC or Air21? Tupperware or supot? If only! hha turns out, I made too much for myself. Amping mo dinha Jeff! :D


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