Personal {Stuff I Love: Malunggay Pan de Sal}

By joselle - November 18, 2014

I  chanced upon this one-of-a-kind pan de sal after buying plastic flower pots for home (yeah, that's what I do now). I've heard so much about this pan de sal and only got to try it now. 

Glad I did because it's so yummy! It's like a cup of tea in a pan de sal! You can smell the leaves and even see them when you open the bread to get to the piping hot center. This is a great twist to the ordinary pan de sal and a healthier version, methinks. 

There are two places that sell these in Dumaguete as far as I know-- Sta. Teresa's Resto and Ricky's Grocery and Bakeshop. I bought this batch from the latter, but will definitely try out the Sta. Teresa version soon!

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