Personal {Old Lenses and New Spaces}

By joselle - November 12, 2014

Be easy. 
Take your time. 
You are coming 
to yourself. 

--The Becoming

The adapter for my Olympus lens arrived today. I bought it from a guy in Manila who thankfully ships directly from Manila and not from China, like the other sellers I talked to. I could not contain my excitement and had a little bit of difficulty focusing on work while wondering if the next bike coming through was the LBC guy or not. True enough, it arrived at 1 PM, exactly 24 hours after it was shipped! (Thank you, LBC!)  Working this old lens again was something that I really missed. There's something about old things, especially old things that you can use to take pictures! They seem better somehow, more substantial, despite the nicks and scratches, and despite the age. After I got this lens I knew that I would never be able to part with it, and true enough, I keep finding ways to keep on using it. Feeling the weight of the metal and glass in my hand after months of tucking it away felt like coming home.

Which was just fitting since I was home. Home in a new house that I was slowly putting our stamp on, slowly turning into some semblance of a space to be filled to the brim with happy and loving memories. I have spent the better part of the past weeks making the space livable and prepping it for JP's arrival come February and not having a camera with me to take random snaps was really starting to get to me. With a broken camera and an old, battered lens, I finally was able to take a few shots and I was in heaven!

A few shots from this afternoon :D

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