Personal {Gratitude 2.0}

By joselle - November 17, 2014

“Find the light. Reach for it. 
Live for it. 
Pull yourself up by it.
Gratitude always makes for straighter, taller trees.” 
Al R. Young

There are days when I just feel so blah although I haven't the slightest clue why I'm feeling that way. I'm sure a lot of people have those days too. I notice that these feelings come in full force when I forget to be grateful. The little things that irritate, that irk, the stuff that take me almost to the point of blowing my top, no matter how trivial or insignificant, somehow become mountains of negativity. It is easy to see them despite the mountains of goodness that are in front of me. The good thing is that saying a prayer of gratitude literally takes seconds and just like that, you can start to feel  better again. 

I've tried it, it works.

No need for pills, for feel-good music, nay, not even an unopened Snickers bar (*gasp!). It's amazing how switching to an attitude of gratitude can make things feel a bit better, if not so much better. 

I am the least thankful person I know. It is easy for me to go into an internal monologue of complaints while waiting for a pedicab in the hot sun. I get irritated when the Internet starts to crawl, or when I'm reminded of the things I lack that could make life so much easier for me. But then, I am also fortunate in other ways than most people, and the good things outnumber the bad a hundred times over. So what is  there to complain about?

Right now, I am particularly thankful that the little guy above is trying its darnedest to stay alive, despite the unceremonious uprooting and my forgetfulness with the watering. I sure hope he pulls through!

A happy Monday to everyone!

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