Family {Sneak Peek at Alex's Baby Shoot}

By joselle - October 26, 2014

Until you've counted little fingers.
Counted little toes.
Held a little hand.
Kissed a little nose.
Soothed a little tummy.
Read to little ears.
Powdered a little booty.
Wiped away little tears.

You haven't known love...

Love is a baby... love is a baby wrapped in soft, warm blankets, showered with kisses and cuddles and the occasional "Oohs" and "Ahhs" from adoring aunts and grandmothers. Alex is the ultimate cutie-patootie who's already big for a three-week old, probably because he sleeps and drinks his milk like a true pro.

Excited to blog about the styled and lifestyle session that happened with this little guy and his beautiful mom this week! 

For now, 5 frames :) 

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