Mulberry Tea Morning

A friend gave me dried mulberry leaves that I could steep and drink last Monday (thank you, Carlis!!!), and I finally got to make my own pot this morning! Prior to this I didn't know anything about the tree, except that it produces berries that look a lot like cute, miniature grapes. Mulberries are amazingly full of nutrients. In fact, the Japanese have been brewing mulberry tea for years as a health drink. Some studies have also shown that the tea can lower your blood sugar levels, making it a potentially healthy drink for someone with diabetes (more info on that study here.

The tea was very good, not unlike the green tea that I usually have in the mornings. Will definitely be including this drink in my collection from now on. Now I only have to find myself a mulberry cutting so I can start growing my own tree! 


Green and Purple Life in Photographs said...

i should be the one shooting you making the tea. you know?

joselle said...

ayeeee! can we do that please? haha I always love looking at your posts the ones with the baking and the cooking... your attention to detail takes me to that moment! Ay you just gave me an idea for our post nup shoot Jeff!!!


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