Family {Sneak Peek at Val's Baby Bump}

By joselle - July 10, 2014

Every day I feel is a blessing from God. 
And I consider it a new beginning. 
Yeah, everything is beautiful.
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Babies... I have none of my own and am pretty ambivalent about whether or not I'll ever be ready for such a responsibility, but taking pictures of women who are having their own gives me a glimpse of what an absolutely joy the journey of motherhood is. I've always told my friends/clients who are having babies that they look different when they're pregnant. They smile differently, they appreciate things in a new way, and they glow! Boy, do they glow. Photographing expectant mothers-to-be is perhaps one of the most rewarding things I can do, especially if the mother looks half as good as Valerie here. We shot this for about an hour two weeks ago in a field near my apartment and it was casual, short and sweet, just the way we planned it. Here are a few shots of that before I blog more on this shoot soon! 

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