It's All in the Packaging

By joselle - June 06, 2014

Well, it's not really, but I enjoy making the packaging for photos as much as I enjoy taking them. This is the first box created in my new apartment (WOOT!) since I transferred my crafting supplies there. Planning on making more memories in that apartment and taking more pictures there, too! For now, proof box photos :)

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  1. It's uber lovely! really! i get weak at these kind of things :)

    *waves hello, sangay man diay ta gamay haha*

  2. Thank you Ms Jhoe! Can't believe I saw your comment when I checked my blog the other day! :) Yes, a little bit sangay no? *BIg wave HELLO back* all the way from the Philippines :D

  3. they have the staring factor; loove the green and the quality of the bokeh!

  4. aww thanks Kat! I would have loved to receive visitors to my studio apt but I think it's a tad small. So I'll take pictures instead. Duol ra ang Gabby's Bnb dre!


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