Portraits {Sneak Peek at Rena's Portrait Session}

By joselle - June 03, 2014

“Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” 

― George Bernard Shaw

This is from a personal shoot I did with a friend last Saturday, an hour of scampering over rocks and staring at the old, gnarled branches of huge acacia trees while feeling the soft texture of sand inside my shoes (yes, methinks I need to get my shoes fixed or buy a new pair). Anyway, I was in heaven. It feels soooooo good, going back to nature, even for just a few hours and just immersing yourself as you stand surrounded by trees and plants and smelling the faint scent of wild flowers as you walk past them. There are pockets of them around the city, and wide swaths as you go towards the mountains. Its realizations like these, that I can go to these places when I want to because they are just minutes away from where I live, that make me appreciate Dumaguete even more. 

I love shooting Rena since I've shot her once before so I think I have a pretty good idea about how she poses and what angles look good on her. She's also very laid back so shooting her never feels awkward.

We were also schoolmates in law school so a few hours with her is spent talking about law school stuff, reminiscing about professors and talking about Bar exam preparations in between shots. I was eager to shoot in this spot since I've been going to this area A LOT lately and I saw how gorgeous this dried-up riverbed is. Everything is pretty here especially the large acacia trees. Their trunks were a soft, light brown and the leaves are the just the right shade of hunter green. Plus, there was a field of dried up acacia leaves in fierce orange and brown, which made for a really dramatic (and  free!) backdrop! More on that later. Still processing Rena's photos but I'm just too excited to post a few, so I'm posting four frames :) 

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  1. excited to see the whole set! already lovin' it!

  2. Thanks Kat! Will upload the rest soon!


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