Couples {Jay-R+Adai}

By joselle - May 27, 2014

couples, couples, couples, couples, couples, couples
“As if you were on fire from within.
The moon lives in the lining of your skin.” 
Pablo Neruda
couples, couples, couples, couples, couples
A month ago, I tagged along with Glenn, another photographer friend of mine (see his works here) for couple shoot set in one of the resorts here. It was my first time meeting Jay-R and Adai and immediately I felt at ease. Both were down to earth, with ready smiles, and they were just so comfortable and  sweet with each other that you can't help but believe that what you're seeing is pure and true love. To last that many years, go through all sorts of things together, both good and bad, and still look and smile at each other that way, it takes an amazing kind of love. And these two have found that.

Jay-R and Adai were extremely game and  fun and obviously still in love after so many years of being together. Fun fact: they already have a house together, which really impressed me. I've always liked the idea of having everything prepared for life as a married couple before you get married and it looks like they think the same way.

The shoot was fun, there were a couple of concepts planned that took us all over the resort but both didn't seem to tire and were ready to try all sorts of poses and outfits. It was a good thing that the weather was good and the location was equally as gorgeous. With a fun couple and a great location, you get the perfect mix for a good couple shoot. 

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