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By joselle - May 21, 2014

When I think about what catches my eye and what I want to take photos of, I am reminded of all the inspirations that I look at and drool at and fall asleep to... great images taken by extremely talented yet humble people who have made it their live's work to intimately know the camera and treat it like an extension of who they are, like an extra limb or an extra pair of eyes. I am surrounded by extremely talented people and what makes me jump for joy is when I get to interact with them even in the smallest ways. I can fangirl like the best of them when I really want to, which is probably why I get goosebumps when these people who I look up to merely acknowledge that I exist!!! 

Take, for example, something I got from a good friend and talented photog Jeff from Green and Purple (see his incredible works here!) when he visited Dumaguete and we finally got to meet for the first time. I know Jeff through Kat, and they both know that I adore a photographer friend of his who is based in SG  with her family. I love, love love Josephine Sicad-Minerva's photography, the happy, fresh shots, smiling kids and couples in love, taken against the backdrop of the colorful and picturesque urban jungle that is SG. There's just something light and pretty and cheerful about  the way she takes photos, something that jumps off the page and infects you and leaves you smiling. It was a total surprise when Jeff presented me with a small note from her, all the way from SG, his eyes beaming before he grabbed his camera and took a picture of me holding the note in my hands like a giddy schoolgirl, LOL! 

Thanks Jeff and Kat for thinking of this for me (You two are the best!) and for Ms. Minerva for obliging a fan :D I was over the moon when I got the note (STILL AM!!!) and will cherish it forever. :) 

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  1. You're welcome! So happy to bring a smile to your face!

  2. I am a fan of your work too. You know? And I hope we can sit down over silvanas and coffee looking out on the boulevard one of these days. With Jhoe of course!

  3. Utangan ko ninu ug coffee date sa Sans Rival pramis! :D

    @Jeff, that would be such a dream come true for me!

  4. Awwww. *sniff*
    Just saw this post.
    Salamat kaayu.
    Naulaw bitaw kog kalit. *sniff*

    Truly grateful.
    You don't know how much it means a lot to me too.
    You reminded me and inspired me to believe more in what i do.

    Hope to meet you in person someday,too.


  5. That would be such a dream come true Ms. Jhoe, to meet one of the people who inspired me so much to keep on using the camera and keep on wanting to get better at this! Your being so kind to even entertain my pagka-fangirl is inspiring me even more.
    Ako dapat maulaw kay fangirl na kau ko haha, for the first time in my life! Pero when I see something which inspires me so much and encourages me, how can I pass up the chance to let you know? The things you wrote in your old blog were so encouraging, you can't even imagine. I go back to them especially during times when I feel like the only one who could encourage me is myself.

    Thank you!!!


Say hello! Coffee, perhaps? :)