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By joselle - April 04, 2014

I love shooting details. There's no rush, and it feels a lot like playing. I especially love it when I'm shooting wedding-related stuff, which is exactly what I got to do for Engrande Events one day back in February. I love, love, love their stuff, from the hand-painted signboards to the dainty flower baskets with pearl handles (gaaahhhhh!!!). And those cute little flower crowns! Where were these things back when I was a little girl and the perfect flower girl material???

I was shooting in a sea of white, baby pink paper roses and lace that day, and there was no other place that I wanted to be. 

There are a lot of wedding styles that are popular these days, but ever since I could remember, I've always gravitated towards the shabby chic, white-and-pastel aesthetic whenever I though of my own wedding. This is perhaps the reason why I had so much fun shooting Engrande's styled set. Engrande Events offers wedding planning and styling, with most of the items I shot below also available for rent. You can visit their showroom at Rianna's Enterprise # 96 Cervantes Street Dumaguete City or head on over to their site.

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  1. j'adore! Everything looks divine. I absolutely love the light that I feel you can never get enough angles to take photos of these beautiful things. I recognize one invitation I did! SO happy to see it here!

    And I can imagine you looking like an excited little girl in a toy store. :)

    PS. I also love shabby chic, it just exudes so much femininity and innocence, don't you think?

  2. @Kat: Thanks Kat! Had fun doing this for sure!

    @Mary: Thank you!


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