Musings on Mistakes

By joselle - April 03, 2014

I am back. It feels weird, saying that. I have so much to do, so much to write about! Best take things one at a time though. I've had the most interesting month. Everything was a blur of lessons and challenges and moments of anxiety, introspection, and appreciation of everything that I have. I have emerged learning a few valuable lessons that were crammed into a few weeks of frantic activity, and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

I've been reading the blog posts of a famous US photog who's had her share of mistakes in the past year, and it has made me realize that screwing up is definitely just a part of being human. We may cringe when we recall the times when we made mistakes and reacted accordingly, but when we step back and assess everything from a new perspective, it becomes clear that things happen not to make us feel insecure but to teach us a lesson (or lessons, whichever fits). My recent brushes with mistakes and failures has made me  realize that indeed, life lessons often come to us as mistakes that frustrate and scare us, and how we react can make a world of difference in how things eventually unfold. Will that mistake make or break us? It really all depends on how we react, how we view each setback. We can choose to be beaten and feel scared or we can see each failed expectation, each stupid blunder as the Universe's way of saying that you are ready for the next challenge, so here you go. 

Wishing you guys a great Friday :)

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