Personal {Deaths and Rebirths}

By joselle - April 18, 2014

Since this is the Holy Week I thought I'd make this post sooner rather than later. My camera, a Canon 50D, died on me yesterday, just as I was about to go on a family portrait shoot for a former schoolmate and her family. I was shaking, didn't know why my camera was suddenly having seizures like some sick epileptic child, the shutter firing off uncontrollably whenever I turned it on. It was a good thing that another photographer friend was available to do the shoot for me, since after that scare I was in no shape to shoot anything.

I learned a lot of lessons yesterday, or rather, some lessons I already knew were hammered pretty hard into my thick skull. For example, never agree to shoot if you don't have a trusty back-up (I had none) and buy a brand new camera! I'm still in the process of doing the second one, although I am hoping it will be sooner (LOL!) rather than later.

I allowed myself to go through the stages of grief last night, I bawled my eyes out so hard that I couldn't see what I was typing for work, but thankfully I am out of the funk and everything's back in perspective again. I especially like how that experience made me reflect on deaths and rebirth, how one cannot happen without the other.

I've read somewhere that in order to live again you have to die first, which is terribly apt given how some things are never given a chance to come to life when something old and rotten is in the way. That's the notion of salvation that I've learned since childhood, but there are just certain ideas that strike you differently when you're older and you begin to look at things a new way. I guess it's one of those things, hitting me like differently in a way that makes more sense now. (Whew, who would've thought that a camera malfunction would lead to this kind of reflection? Not me.) 

Easter is perhaps the best time to do some major personal reflection, about where  I am spiritually and how I've progressed, knowing that I still have a lot of ground to cover when it comes to this aspect in my life. I am thankful, however, for the chance to reflect and for the opportunities to do things better tomorrow.

Happy Easter everyone :) 

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