Family {The Diazes}

By joselle - January 03, 2014

And thank you for a house full of people I love. Amen.
-Terri Guillemets

One word: FUN! That's the Diaz family for you. When I met them  I was treated to inside jokes and playful banter that immediately made me feel at ease even though it was my first time to meet them. J, a former schoolmate from high school, told me that they want portraits done since the family does not together too often, with some working abroad and J and her family living the city while the in-laws live a few hours away. As I was shooting them I was reminded of how my own family desperately needed to get  itself at least one proper family portrait! This is one good-looking family, and it doesn't take a lot of persuasion for them to stand and pose, and pose well, I might add!

I loved shooting them, loved being in the middle of all that pleasant energy. It was not hard to see that this family enjoys being with each other, and that is such a great thing to witness. Family is where we laugh and jump and be silly and no one would think that it's weird because everyone's doing the same thing! And the love... it was as palpable as the rays of sunlight that was making my camera go bonkers as I followed this family around. You feel it, when you are in a place where there is love, and joy and peace. This family may not be the perfect family, but you can feel love when you are with them. And that is the most beautiful thing. 

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  1. Second photo is my favorite! These would look really nice in picture frames to be put in their lovely homes.

  2. Super late nga reply haha! Thanks Kat!I re-edited using RL, kay gakatol akong kamot to try it out haha! I like this second result better than the first one... serene man gud kaau ang rendition sa greens. I miss this family... so fun!


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