Dealing with Slow Months

By joselle - January 21, 2014

Slow months leave me out of whack for some reason. I've been a freelancer for 5 years now and I've noticed that projects dip and rise at certain months of the year. January is especially slow and although slow months give me more time to focus on other things like studying and getting other things done, there's still a part of me that itches to write just the right number of pages to make me feel like I've completed my day. It's harder to do that in slow months, which is the reason why I often do not feel like doing anything else. I'm not the only one who feels the pain of slow months, apparently. I was searching for reasons for this when I stumbled on this post and it somehow brought a small amount of comfort knowing that other freelance writers around the world have felt the same thing (it wasn't me after all, LOL!).  The great thing about Jen's post is that she listed things you can do during slow months like: 

 --finish projects
--start new ones 
--STUDY! (added this myself, since midterms are coming and I remember ZERO from my lectures)
--finally do things that you've been putting off during the busier months, and 
--just enjoy the downtime

 I realized that I've been missing the blessing that comes with slow months and needed to stop stressing over the things I couldn't do and instead focus my attention on the things that I could get done. Pretty standard realization but there you go. 

I also used today's downtime to finally take photos of the tea set my aunt lovingly sent from the States. She and I are avid green tea drinkers and she is one of the two people in the world who gives me my supply of green tea.

Thank you Tita Del for such a thoughtful Christmas gift! 

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  1. Nice detail on the tea set. My problem with slow months is that I also feel so lazy so nothing really ever gets done. :)

  2. Joselle, I don't have slow months. IIt's me who's always procrastinating! Hahaha. But just do what you enjoy doing on a daily basis, I guess. pwde sleep???

  3. @Kat: I guess when it's cold, makadugang sa laziness haha. Same with me, I feel lazy kay I start my days writing, so when there's nothing to write, murag my day can't start hahah! what an excuse!

    @Jeff: That's very good advice, Jeff! I did that yesterday and I felt a bit better :D Wala nako ni sleep kay cge na ko sleep haha!


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