Reaching Out: Trip to My Hometown

By joselle - December 14, 2013

Last Friday my friends and I went to my hometown just a few hours away from the city to hand out school supplies to the kids in a small school up in the mountains of Bindoy. It is not far from the town but the way leading up there is a mix of concrete and loose, rocky road. With the help of my brother and an aunt we were able to reach our destination and even managed to sneak in a bit of play time in the rest house kept by an uncle just a few meters from the school. Our arrival was a surprise and the look on the kids' faces as we were walking with our boxes, enough to melt your heart. We handed out everything in 30 minutes, just in time for the kids to start their afternoon classes. Although Grades 3 and 4 already went home since it was homeroom day for them, their parents were there, so we were able to give those students their gifts as well. The kids were so warm and friendly and they immediately lined up when their teachers told them to behave so we can start handing gifts out. The gifts were nothing grand---school supplies like notebooks and pencils, crayons and coloring books for the older kids and colorful toys for the kinder kids. But they were happy so that made us happy. 

Gift-giving is an annual thing with my high school friends and although I have not been present when we gave school supplies to other schools in the past years, I was glad that I was a part of this one. I got to go home, I got to see my Lolo after so many months of being away, set foot in the hard rocky soil of Camudlas and breathed fresh mountain air. I missed doing these things but I didn't know how much until we were there. I'm hoping that we'll be able to keep this tradition for the next several years and that we'll be able to give more to more kids. 

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  1. Great way to show the spirit of Christmas! And good to see u in the photos, too!

  2. nice pics as usual josie rosie...nice a u pg capture sa moments....:) was indeed a fun and fulfilling day...till next year na sad!..:)

  3. @Kat: Thanks Kat! It definitely is Christmas! haha yes had to have my picture taken kay the place was just so nice!

    @Serlyn: thanks Serltots! Captured you in action, Santa mode!


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